/addstr [Qty]* Free PointsAdd STRENGTH Points
/addagi [Qty]* Free PointsAdd AGILITY Points
/addvit [Qty]* Free PointsAdd VITALITY Points
/addene [Qty]* Free PointsAdd ENERGY Points
/addcmd [Qty]* Free PointsAdd COMMAND Points
/reset* Lvl 400
* 10m Zen
+400 Points
+30 WCoins(C)
/mreset* 80 reset+10K HP
-80 reset
/post* Lvl 50
* Delay 5 Sec.
Send a global message
/pkclear* Lvl 1
* 1m Zen
Clear PK
/attack* Lvl 1Automatically attacks nearby enemies
/offattack* Lvl 1
* 500K Zen
Automatically attacks nearby enemies without having the game open
/ware [Num]* Lvl 1Page change the Ware (max 5)
/gobar* Lvl 1It takes you to the Bar
/goware* Lvl 1It takes you to the Warehouse
/store [Type]* Lvl 1Open a custom store
/offstore [Type]* Lvl 1Open a custom store without being connected to the game
/restat* Lvl 1
* 10 WPoints
Reset all your points
/remaster* Lvl 1
* 1000 WCoins(C)
Reset your Tree skills
/lock [Password]* Lvl 1Block your items, they won't be able to move
/unlock [Password]* Lvl 1Unlock your items, now they can move
/participate* Lvl 1Enter a GM Event
/go* Lvl 1Takes you to a GM Event
/answer [Msg]* Lvl 1Answer a question event
/war [Guild]
/soccer [Guild]
* Lvl 1
* 1K GPoints
Challenge another Guild
/marry [Player]* Lvl 1
* Different Sex
* Contact GM
You marry another player